6 Tips To Keep You Safe For New Years Eve

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If you chose to go out for the New Year’s, you want to have fun not do something crazy that may cause you to end up in a compromising situation. Therefore I have compiled a little list of things you can do to make your New Year’s a safe and happy time. In fact these are tips that should be followed every time you go out.
1. Don’t Drink And Drive.

This may seem like common sense but it isn’t. Because people drink and drive every day. Sometimes killing themselves, other people, or landing themselves in jail. You can drink just do not get into a car and try to drive.

Ways to avoid drinking in driving include:
• Taking an uber or a taxi.
• Having a designated driver.
• Staying at a hotel near your party destination so you can walk there and sleep off your drunkenness.

If you must drink and feel that you cannot do any of the above things. Make sure you drink lightly and stop drinking a few hours before you have to drive that way you are no longer feeling the effects of alcohol.

2. Do not leave your drink unattended or allow a man to buy you a drink without you watching the bartender pour it himself.

Someone may spike your drink with a drug and then take you off and rape or perhaps even worse. And with some date rap drug you may not even remember that it happened.
3. Do not go home or accept rides from people you don’t know.

The person can be totally harmless and may just be trying to get lucky or drive you home. Or they can be trying to drive you into the woods and bludgeon you to death. You would much rather be safe than sorry. Even if you have a friend with you, still do not take a ride from them, they can kill both of you. Having a friend with you is not going to protect you from a psychopath.

4. Don’t have one night New Year Eve Stands.

I know you want to be feel liberated and all. But please refer back to tip number 3. Going home with someone you do not know could mean the last day or night you spend on this earth. Why take the chance. He could want to hold you captive in his basement for the next 5 years for all you know. People are crazy. Do not let your hormones get the best of you and have you doing something that can endanger your safety.

5. Don’t walk alone.

No matter if you are going to a New Year’s Party or coming back from one. Please do not walk alone. Someone could be waiting in the back alley, waiting to snatch you up. If you don’t have anyone to walk with you then try to get cab or uber no matter if your destination is not that far away. Or at the very least walk with a big stick or mass, so that if someone tries to come out and grab you, you can have a fighting chance with banging them in the head with a stick or massing them.
6. Don’t Do Drugs
I cannot tell you how many stories I have seen on investigative discovery where people decided to take a pill for the first time and ended up dying. First you don’t want to die and secondly drugs can make you make some bad decisions. They include jumping off a bridge thinking you can fly, and when you realize that you cannot fly it is too late because your dead. You can have fun, but not so much fun that you loose are your sense and do something you cannot recover from.

Now that I have scared you enough I want to wish you a Happy New Year!!!

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