What A Difference A Year Makes. Reflecting On 2015.

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My First Home.

This year was a dynamic year for me because it was full of unexpected changes.  At the beginning of the year I was working at a job I hated.  Working hard like a slave but severely underpaid.  I was living in Richmond, VA in my first home that I bought and really loved by the way.  Flash forward to the end of the year and I am at a job that I enjoy, making way more money, not doing as nearly as much work, and living on the DC area.

Some of the changes were good.  Such as the job and more money.  Some of the changes seemed bad, like my first home that I bought being on the for sale market and me moving back in with my mother and I have not lived with my parents since I was 18 years old which was 13 years ago! And some changes I thought were going to be bad but turned out to be good.  Like living with my mother she helps out with my son, A LOT.  I was so use to doing everything by myself that I was getting frustrated.  Now those frustrations are non-existent.

At the beginning of year I had to pay out of pocket for two classes and owed the school money as in thousands of dollars. Since I was underpaid at my job, shelling out thousands for school was out of the question.  I needed that money for more essential things like food, electricity, and water.   As a results I had to take a few months off from school. I hate dragging out things that can be done sooner.  But little did I know that this was just God’s way of giving me a break.  For some reason I was content on putting more on myself than I could bear. But now I have taken my comprehensive exam and I am back in school.  I am officially a PhD candidate and am starting my dissertation at the beginning of next year.

With this year a common theme was knowing when to hold em and knowing when to fold em.  Knowing when to hold on to the past and knowing when to walk into something new.  It came down to if I was going to stay in the past or trust that God has something better for me as I step into a new season.

It is crazy to think what difference a year can make.  I went from struggling financially at an underpaid job that I hated.  Not to mention that I saw all those years of being a PhD student going down the drain because I could not pay the thousands of dollars I needed to release the hold on my account so that I could take  the last of my classes.  To being at a job that pays pretty well and almost being completed with me degree program.

  • There are some constants in my life though.
  • I am still single.
  • I am still not married.
  • And Did I mention that I only went on one date this year, and it was terrible.

Major life changes but my relationship status is still the same, and that is single! But I am not worried about it though.  As years go by so does my contentment with where I am and where I am going.  I used to be bothered by my singleness, BUT not anymore.  That was a life lesson that this year had brought.  This year brought about a lot of changes and I am ready for even more changes and for them to come faster.

Bring on the New Year.  If 2016 is going to be any indicated of how fast thing changed in 2015, then I am ready.

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