Fashion Icon: Kate Middleton and How You Can Look Like Her For Less.

Kate Middleton is a fashion icon for sure.  It is so refreshing to see a young woman that dresKate-Middleton-Royal-Style-One-Piece-Long-Sleeve-Elegent-Graceful-Lace-Dress-Beigeses with class and is not letting it all hang out.  But in case you are not royalty and do not have an unlimited budget to look like Kate Middleton.  Here are a few outfits that will help you knock off Mrs. Middleton’s style.

Outfit 1- The Church Going Kate

Going to church?  Or perhaps need the perfect Easter Sunday Outfit?  This dress would be perfect and it comes complete with the “church hat.”  Only this church hat is cute and not some huge hat sitting on your head blocking the people sitting behind you at church’s view.


Saks Fifth Avenue– $240


Etsy– $10.93


Charming Charlie– $19.00


Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th– $49.99


Etsy– $159

Total Cost Of Outfit: $478.92




kate-middleton-style-evolution-green-dress-july-2010-bes111710Outfit 2 – The Casual But Classy Kate

This outfit is casual but still classy. You can wear it out during the day if you are trying to look cute, to lunch with girlfriend, or on a spring or summer day.


I Dream Mart– $30



Modcloth– $39.99


Target- $34.99


Target- $29.98

Total Cost Of Outfit: $134.96






Out548f85ed85077_-_rbk-kate-middleton-style-0914-2-s2fit 3- Just Out Running My Errands Kate

This is a cute outfit that can be used for all seasons.  In the winter and fall because of the pants and blazer.  But it can also be worn in the spring and perhaps on a windy summer day.  I am all for outfits that you can wear year round.  It keep your closet more versatile.


Top Shop– $45


H&M– $17.99


Drapers and Damons– $69.95


Sears $29.99

Total Cost of Outfit:                                                                            $162.93


Outfit 4- A 258669-kate-middleton-styleLittle Bit of Color Kate

A little bit of color can take you a long way.  The jeans are color along with the little bit of color in the scarf.  This makes this outfit casual and classy. And the colors are worn in the right spot, not too much.  She does not want to look like Rainbow Bright.


Mavi– $138.00




Target- $34.99


Etsy– $16.98


Crocs– $17.99

Total Cost of Outfits: $219.96




Outfit 5 – Take me out on a Date Kate

This icaitlyn-jenner-kate-middleton-style-twins-005-07s the perfect outfit for a lunch or dinner date.  You know a real date when you do not want all your private parts showing.  You can also pull this off as a church outfit. Which is why it is such a favorite I love versatile outfioutfit5ts that can be worn in a variety of settings.


DHGate– $14.65


Macy– $79.50


Nordstrom– $80.75

Total Outfit Cost: $175.20


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