Fashion Icon: Carrie Bradshaw and How You Can Look Like Her For Less.

One of my favorite fashion icons is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City.  I don’t know if she is really considered a fashion icon because she was a fictional character on a television show but girlfriend can dress.  I love that she is not afraid of patterns, colors, and she has her own unique style that is unlike anyone else.  If I had the money to buy all of those expensive labels that she buys trust and believe I would try to dress like her almost every day.  But since I don’t have the money or the means to dress like Carrie Bradshaw, I have recreated some of her most iconic outfits so that we can all have the Carrie Bradshaw fa549894773835f_-_hbz-carrie-bradshaw-effect-sjp-mdshion at our finger tips.

The Every Day Summer Time Carrie              
This outfit is a simple everyday look.  You are dressed just enough to look like you put some effort into your outfit, but it is not over kill.  This is the everyday look that you can still hang out and do errands in but still look fashionable.


From: The Dreslyn

Price: $89


From: The Next She

Price: $14.59


From: Hanes

Price: $23.99


From: Eric Dress

Price: $69.99


From: Elizabetta

Price: $39.00

Tote Bag

From: Blair

Price: $9.97

Total Outfit Cost: $247.53

The total cost of this outfit is not bad considering that the real Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes in this outfit probably cost more than this entire outfit.


The Fall Carriealexander-wang-buffalo-plaid-cardigan-and-sex-and-the-city-gallery

This outfit is interesting because even though it looks casual if you were to just remove the jacket then you would have a more social going out type of outfit because of the dress underneath.  You have the jacket and scarf for the colder weather, but it is still fashion forward and can be worn in other settings too by removing some of the outer wear.


From: Forever 21

Price: $41.93


From: Fat Face

Price: $65.00outfit 2

Knee Highs

From: Asos

Price: $9.00


From: Brooks Brothers

Price: $128


From: Kohls

Price: $20.80


From: Shop Catholic

Price: $45.99

Total Outfit Cost: $310.72

What really sets this outfit’s price over the edge is the Brooks Brother Scarf  and although it is on the pricey side it is almost an exact replica of the type of scarf that Carrie Bradshaw has on in this picture.  So I had to add it.  And besides it is Italian Wool if that is a constellation.


The Party Girl Carrie

This outfit is one of the most iconic outfits from Sex and the City because it is one that she finally reunited with Big in.  This outfit is great because it can be work to either a party, semi-formal, or formal event due to its versatility.


From: Etsy

Price: $79.00



Price: $ 27.93


From: Kholsoutfit 3

Price: $44.99

Hand warmer

From: Etsy

Price: $17.99


From: Stein Mart

Price: $39.99


From: Nordstrom

Price: $59.95

Total Outfit Cost: $269.85

This outfit is the bomb dot com.  I really love it and the replica that I created is really affordable but you still get the same sophisticated look as the original.



The Business Carrie

This is for the days when you want to look very professional at work and still look like you have a sense of style. I think this outfit is the epitome of business dress for a female.


From: Modcloth

Price: $39.99


From: Blair

Price: $19.99


From: Rosewe

Price: $31.70


From: Glass Slipperoutfit 4

Price: $235.00


From: David’s Bridal

Price: $12.95


From: 10 Dollar Mall

Price: $6.99

Total Outfit Cost: $346.62

So what really sets this outfit cost over the edge is the shoes.  But look at them, can you blame me.  If you are going to splurge on something it mine as well be shoes with a whole bunch of bling on the front of them.   And even though they might have cheaper shoes with bling on them.  You have to be careful.  The last thing you want to do is get really cheap shoes with bling and as your walking your little rhinestones start falling off.  So mine as well make sure the shoes are quality so you can save yourself the potential embarrassment.

Funk and Funky Carrie

This outfit is one of my favorites.  I love the colors and even though I am dark I am not afraid of hbz-best-of-carrie-bradshaw-15_2color and will rock this outfit in a second.  You can wear it to work, social gathering, and happy hour.  Even though it is a colorful outfit it is still a versatile outfit.


From: Amazon

Price: $17.94


From: Walmart

Price: $18.17


From: J. Crew

Price: $248outfit 5


From: Lord and Taylor

Price:  $49.95


From: Blue Fly

Price: $65

Total Outfit Cost: $399.05

So this may be the more expensive of all of the outfits, but it is also the most fun.

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