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Does This Thing Really Work? A Diva Cup Review

I am all for trying new things which is why I wanted to try the menstrual cup.  I tried to do the Soft Cups and that was an epic fail you can read my review on that here. But as I understand it the Diva cup is different from the Soft Cup in the way that it “collects” and most of the reviews I read the Diva cup is supposed to be way better that the Soft Cup and last longer.

So off to the CVS I went to pick up the Diva cup so I can feel “liberated” during my cycle.  And liberation it was not.  To be honest it was not all bad, but when it was bad it was really bad.  The only real day that I had an issue was on a heavier day.  I wore the cup to work and was shocked that within 2 hours the cup was full and leaking.  So off to the public bathroom I went to try to change the cup.  And it was terrible.  I was in the bathroom for at least 15 minutes.   

Since the cup was full it was very messy when taking it out.  With the Diva cup it is not like the Soft Cup, and taking this in and out is not supposed to leave a crime scene all over your hand.  The cup is supposed to hold one ounce and the average women only bleeds 1-2 ounces for her whole cycle.  Therefore it is not supposed to fill up within the 12 hours you are wearing it.  That is a bold face lie or at least for me it was.  That means that I could not wear this thing up to 12 hours as stated by the directions AND it meant going into the public bathroom to wrestle with changing it.

I did not have a sink in the public bathroom stall and had to bring in a water bottle to rinse it off.  Once again way too much work.  Then when putting it back it since you have to be at a certain angle putting it back in was a very difficult task.  The door in my bathroom stall does not go the floor so you are left bending and turning all types of ways just to position yourself correctly so that you can insert the cup  back in.  All while in a public bathroom with people next to you no doubt wondering what the hell is going on in the next stall.  The cup makes suction noises when putting it in and taking it out, it was so awful.

Since I was at work my cup was filling up every two hours and I did this four time throughout the day!  It was so inconvenient and terrible that I just wanted to give up on the cup.  But that thing cost $40 so I was not going to give up that easily.  For the other days in which my cycle was not so heavy things went a lot better.  I was able to keep it in for much longer.  One of the things to boast about this product is overnight it is much easier.  It was only one night that the cup did not last all night and I had to change it after 6 hours.  Which was an improvement from when I used tampons.

The reality is that perhaps I am a heavy bleeder since my cup was filling up every 2 hours and the average women only bleeds that much during her entire cycle.  I do not know what that says about me maybe I am going to bleed to death during my cycle or something.  Also when the cup is not full and you change it and changing it in that case is not messy.  It is because you grip the outside of the cup where no blood gets onto.  It is only when the cup is full and leaking that it will end up being a mess.

Putting it in is not so bad it does take practice and takes longer to put in than a tampon.  If you are lucky enough to only have to change it every 12 hours then you can just change it at home and it will not be a problem.  As for me, I refuse to wear this on a heavy day again and go to work it is just too much trouble.  The reason why I got it is because I did not want to run to the bathroom every hour like I do with tampons and that did not work out, plus it was more work than tampons in a public bathroom.  So it was not work it for me.   But if you are a light bleeder and for your not so heavy days then this cup should work fine for you.  I would recommend it any day over the Soft cup.

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