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A guilty pleasure of mine is Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  A new addition to the show has defiantly got me excited.  Willie and Shanda Taylor.  I was a fan of making the Band which is why I may be excited to see this couple on television.  But I think they are one of the couples that really show a true side of marriage.

I am not saying that they are perfect, because there are somethings that I do not agree with.  This includes the obvious, Shanda, being both a wife and a mother, deciding to strip.  Especially after her husband told her not to.  But in all fairness I will remain objective and say that she felt like her kids’ livelihood was in danger so she wanted quick money.

Sure she could have chosen to get a job anywhere.  But I think she felt like it was better to make quick money every day (and probably a good amount of it) stripping.  So although I do not agree with it, I am not going to crucify for her for.  After watching the episode in which her husband found out about her stripping, in front of their friends no less, I think that she is embarrassed enough.

I think a better thing to point out is them as a couple and how they handle the conflicts between them.  I think that this is what marriage is about.  Within their short appearance on the show so far, they have had financial problems, the wife has disobeyed her husband in becoming a stripper, they have had fights, and the husband lied to his wife about getting out of the his contract.  I say that all to say this.  It proves that no marriage is perfect and I have to respect the fact that at least they are willing to talk to each other, apologize to each other, and work it out despite their shortcomings through respectful communication toward one another.

In all honestly most of the couples on Love and Hollywood (with the exception of Omarion and April) are beyond dysfunctional.  Soulja Boy cheating on his woman with one of her best friends and basically telling her to accept it.  Then the same woman fighting the other woman over Soulja boy even though he is the one who cheated.  The drama between Teairra Mari and her inability to get over Ray J, even though he has beyond moved on.  And Brandy’s husband not wearing his ring and then throwing it into the bushes.  What husband does that by the way?  And then she apologized him throwing his ring in the bushes…WHAT?

Anyway, it is refreshing to see a couple that actually loves each other and is willing to work on their marriage.  Yeah they are not perfect, we can clearly see that.  But there is something about their relationship that shows closeness and that I respect.  Which is a change for reality television which always show these women acting a fool and embarrassing themselves over men that do not want them.    I hope that the show decided to give them more airtime.  It seems as though the positive couples who actually are not insane and do not want to throw drinks at one another and fight each other all the time get less air play (i.e April and Omarion and Willie and Shanda).  I get that drama makes television, but it is refreshing to see couples like these none less.