Charlie Sheen has HIV!

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Charlie Sheen has HIV.  When I hear anyone has a terminal disease that they cannot get rid of I think that it is truly sad.  In hindsight, Charlie Sheen has done some pretty wild things and partied with some pretty wild people (porn stars, drugs, prostitutes to name a few).  I think that his situation is a lesson to all of all.

First, we can never think that we are too rich and famous to not catch HIV.  This disease does not care about you, your color, nor does it care about your bank account. As far as we know there is no cure for HIV, so the only thing money is going to do with HIV is afford you better treatment options. No amount of money can get rid of it.

Secondly, we should not have unprotected sex with anyone, unless they are your spouse.  Being is a monogamous relationship does not mean anything anymore.  Whenever you have sex with someone you need to make sure that they are clean.  And you can do this by getting tested.  It does not matter if they are a millionaire or a celebrity, they can still have an STD; and in this case one you cannot get rid of.

Mr. Sheen reports being sexually active with women while knowing his HIV positive status.  And even says that TWO women he has had unproductive sex with, intentionally, and them knowing his status they still VOLUNTEERED to have sex with him.  That is crazy to me, but some women are willing to take that risk, I guess.

Charlie Sheen has had a rough few years and honestly most of it was as a result of things that he did.  Now I am not saying that he deserved to get HIV, but living a reckless lifestyle with a lots of drugs, sex, and partying is going to catch up to you one way on the next.  And in his case it caught up in the case of an incurable illness.   And let Charlie Sheen be a reminder that HIV does not discriminate.

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