Why Bringing A Hot Nanny Into Your House Is a Bad Idea.

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One thing I do not understand with Hollywood women is why on Earth they have these super attractive nannies and/or maids around their husbands.  I mean I get that you should be able to trust your spouse but let’s not tempt fate by having some attractive women that is younger than you around your husband when you’re not home.download
Let’s take Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck for example.  I think Jennifer is sweet and a good mom.  But look at the Nanny.  I mean as soon as she showed up to the interview I do not care what credentials she has, she is not going to be prancing around my home with my husband point blank period.  I do not understand what Jennifer was thinking. An attractive women in your in your home and in your husband’s face do not mix.

I am not blaming her, because it is not her fault he cheated.  But you never know, some women get off on that.  Some nannies work for rich families because they want to try to steal the husband away from their wives.  Don’t you watch Lifetime!

Another recent example is Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, and their Nanny.  Another young women walking around your home taunting your husband.  And Gwen is gorgeous, I think she is way prettier than the nanny.  But it really does not matter.  What matters is that when you are on the road working, your husband is at home with his hormones on high and here walks in the “hot” nanny.  And there is the opportunity for your husband and your nanny to have sex; possibly in your house and in your bed.  Umimagesm I think not.

I know your probably thinking that a wife should be able to trust her husband, and that is so true.  But who knows in these celebrities relationships when there is a lot of distance between the two, sexual urges start creeping in, and low and behold a live in hot and sexy woman is there for him to take his misplace sexual urges out on.  It makes cheating easy.  She readily available and he can do it right there in the house while his wife is gone.

Women I urge you to think about what woman you bring around your man.  It can be the nanny, babysitter, or best friend.  If she is a women she has no business being around your man by herself.  AND out of all the nannies in the world, you do have the right to pick the least attractive one or someone that is 20 years older than you.  Your husband may still cheat, but at least with choosing a less attractive nanny you decrease the likelihood of it happening with her.


  1. Exactly! Celebrities are so superficial that they have to have these good looking nannies, who screw the husbands. I’d rather have an older, experienced nanny.

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