Instead Soft Cups Review

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Instead Soft Cups

I am going to do a full review on the Instead Soft Cups. To be honest, I was a little hesitant when trying to figure out if I was going to try soft cups Instead Soft Cupsor not, but I figured why not. I was that way about tampons at first and now I am a regular user. So I found a box of soft cups at CVS and decided go with the disposable kind. Before I get into the Instead Soft Cups review I am going to get into the reason why I wanted to use soft cups in the first place.

I am a heavy bleeder (I go through super tampons every hour to an hour and a half on my heavy days) and I wanted to wear something for 12 hours and not have to run to the bathroom all the time. And honestly that was the only reason why I wanted to use them. Although there are a lot of benefits to the environment and all that stuff, but the environment was not one of my reasons.

So when the time came I was ready to try the soft cup. I looked at a lot of videos and diagrams so I knew how to put it in. For the soft cups it sits around your cervix and is not like a traditional menstrual cup. It sounded good in theory, but too bad it was not good in real life. About an hour and a half after putting it in, it started leaking. I was not dumb enough to wear just that on my first try so I was wearing a pad as well, but still, it did not last anywhere near 12 hours.

I still did not want to give up, I really wanted these soft cups to work so I kept trying. On my heavy flow days they did not last 12 hours at all. The first night I wore the cup I changed it three times during the night and the second night I didn’t change it at all and had no leaks. I did sleep as still as possible though.
Now let get into the cleanup. I know you have heard about the “bloody crime scene” comparisons when you get ready to change the cup. And I am here to tell you that it is true. There really is no way around it. Since I was at work and I had to change them so much anywa

Instead Soft Cups

y, it got easier to deal with to an extent. But either way it is going to be messy. And the blood from your cup has the potential to get everywhere if you are not careful changing it. The blood is collected in the cup while you have it in, so when you pull it out the “liquid” that is in the cup can spill anywhere. On the floor, toilet, your sleeves, anywhere! So beware especially in a public bath room. A con to the soft cups even the disposable ones is that you cannot flush them, so it is not even like you can pull it out and put it into the toilet. Therefore the mess is inevitable.

I found that other people were washing their disposable cup and reusing it. I opted to do this since mine were not lasting me for the whole 12 hours and I would run out of all of them in a day at this point. I did find I was able to wash them and reuse them. Also I did not feel it while it was in and my cramping seem to be reduced.

I cannot say that I would recommend this product. If you are not familiar with your body it can be hard to put in, it can twist while it’s up in there, and it can lead to some serious leakage accidents if you’re not careful. This is because the blood is collected in a cup and not absorbed and if the cup is dislodged for some reason the entire content is going spill into your underwear and down your leg causing you embarrassment. Plus the changing and disposal is messy, looking like I killed a small animal over the toilet. This can be horrible to deal with especially in a public bathroom. You would probably need to bring some latex gloves and a water bottle in the bathroom with you to make it easier. But that’s not really easier is it? That’s a lot to. Especially since I was not doing all of that before.
I have not given up on the menstrual cup even though I have given up on these cups. I still want to try to menstrual cups which are non-disposable, much cleaner, and collect in a different way so they are supposed to last longer that the soft cups. We will see. With all of the above being said if you want to purchase instead soft cups (click here).


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